Third Party App Integration (REST APIs)

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Third Party App Integration (REST APIs)

CRM REST APIs (Webservices)

Take advantage of REST APIs exposed over HTTP(s) to push or pull data from Vtiger and integrate with 3rd party applications. You are certainly free to choose the library of your choice to work with these APIs. vtwsclib provides support to work with REST APIs through various programming languages.

Section below covers more details on the APIs:

Request Format


Response Format

success: true,
result: {
// ...


success: false,
error: {
message: String,
code: String

Login Operation
Its a two-step process that involves getting the challenge token and exchanging the credentials (username and accessKey). You can find accessKey information under “My Preferences” in the CRM Web UI.


GET /webservice.php?operation=getchallenge&username=<USERNAME> HTTP/1.1

Challenge Response

success: true,
result: {
token: TOKENSTRING, // Challenge token to be used for login.
serverTime: TIMESTAMP, // Current Server time
expireTime: TIMESTAMP // Time when token expires



POST /webservice.php HTTP/1.1

accessKey=md5(TOKENSTRING + <ACCESSKEY>) // Note: accessKey= K here is capitalized.


success: true,
result: {
sessionId: String, // Unique Identifier for the session
userId: String, // User ID in CRM
version: String, // Webservice API version
vtigerVersion: String // Version of CRM


Logout Operation
POST /webservice.php HTTP/1.1

sessionName=sessionId // Obtained through Login Operation

List Types Operation
GET /webservice.php?operation=listtypes&sessionName=sessionId HTTP/1.1

Describe Operation
GET /webservice.php?operation=describe&sessionName=sessionId&elementType=<TYPE> HTTP/1.1

Create Operation
POST /webservice.php HTTP/1.1

sessionName=sessionId // Obtained through Login Operation
element=URLENCODED(JSONDATA) // JSONDATA - JSON Map of (fieldname=fieldvalue)
elementType=<TYPE> // TYPE - Module Name

Retrieve Operation
GET /webservice.php?operation=retrieve&sessionName=sessionId&id=<WEBSERVICE_ID> HTTP/1.1

Update Operation
POST /webservice.php HTTP/1.1

sessionName=sessionId // Obtained through Login Operation
element=URLENCODED(DATA) // DATA - Map of (fieldname=fieldvalue)

Delete Operation
POST /webservice.php HTTP/1.1

sessionName=sessionId // Obtained through Login Operation

Query Operation
GET /webservice.php?operation=query&sessionName=sessionId&query=<QUERY> HTTP/1.1



SELECT * | <column_list> | <count(*)>
FROM <object>
[WHERE <conditionals>]
[ORDER BY <column_list>]
[LIMIT [<m>, ] <n>]

Comma separated list of field names. <column_list>
Type or Module Name. <object>
<condition_operations> or <in_clauses> or <like_clauses> separated by ‘and’ or ‘or’ operators these are processed from left to right. The are no grouping that is bracket operators. <conditionals>
<, >, <=, >=, =, != <condition_operations>
in () <in_clauses>
like ‘sqlregex’ <like_clauses>
a comma separated list of values. <value_list>
integer values to specify the offset and limit respectively. m, n


Queries are currently limited to a single object.
Joins are not supported.
Query always limits its output to 100 records, Client application can use limit operator to get different records.

Sync Operation
GET /webservice.php?operation=sync&sessionName=sessionId&modifiedTime=<TIMESTAMP>&elementType=<TYPE> HTTP/1.1

Extend Session Operation
GET /webservice.php?operation=extendsession HTTP/1.1

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